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Our world-wide installer network is driven by the most competent and well-trained technicians available. The products we offer are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions around while maintaining the best possible appearance. Trust XPEL to be the only thing between you and the open road.

Capital Autobahnd F.A.Q.

What is a "clear bra"?


Clear bra is a common name for Paint Protection Film (or PPF) kits. All kits use an extraordinarily tough urethane film sourced from leading manufacturer, XPEL. These automotive-grade adhesive-backed films have been specifically developed to cover the painted surfaces of a vehicle that are subject to stone damage and abrasion. Each model has a unique kit with specific shapes that have been designed and patterned to provide optimum protection for your car, sport utility or truck. Damage Beware.


Why does my vehicle need Paint Protection Film?


Today's automotive clear coat paint systems in use by the major manufacturers are vastly superior to earlier processes. However, stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering still create problems for the front end and leading surfaces of any moving vehicle.


Can I see the film after it has been installed?


With the "Entire" package, virtually no seams are visible. With the "Traditional" package, under certain light conditions and different angles you may find a barely perceptible fine line along the hood where the film ends. This is the only indication that the PPF system is protecting your vehicle. We take great care to wrap and hide film edges wherever possible, providing both the best protection and a clean look.


Does it really work?


Yes! We have removed film from vehicles that have been in service for several years and the factory finish is perfectly protected. No color difference existed between the unprotected and protected areas.  The film allows UV rays to fade the paint at the same rate as the rest of the car.


Is it permanent?


No, but it’s as permanent as you want it to be. The benefit of this product is its ability to be removed after years of road exposure, revealing the factory finish paint underneath the product. However, with routine waxing and care there is no need to remove this product.


Can PPF be waxed?


Yes. The film's top coat is similar to the clear coat used on your vehicle. We recommend waxing regularly using a non abrasive cleaning wax to bring out the brilliant shine of the film.


Can PPF be applied to chrome? What about carbon fiber?


The adhesive used in paint protection film is very strong. Later removal of the film could pull the finish off chrome-plated accessories. We have installed over chrome materials and in most cases the film does what it's supposed to do. However the installation of these areas is risky as film's adhesive is designed for clear-coated automotive paint, not other surfaces. It can also create a hazy look as it is not as optically clear on surfaces other than paint.


Glossy, gel-coated carbon fiber presents no issue and can (and should) be covered! Gel coat is often more susceptible to environmental factors (primarily acid etching from rain, bird droppings, etc.) and PPF is a great way to add a barrier between these parts and the elements. Bare, or "dry" carbon fiber cannot be covered with PPF at this time.


My car has been repainted; is it a good candidate for Paint Protection Film?


YES! That's the perfect time to get it protected. This is simple, if you have a quality paint job from a reputable body shop, we can safely install a kit within the week. If you have a less-expensive spray paint job, we could potentially pull paint during the installation even after waiting 2 months. It is very possible to install on repainted cars, we do it almost every day. However, we strongly recommend getting a quality paint job first.

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